Hornady SST Ammunition 20 Gauge 2-3/4″ 250 Grain FTX Sabot Slug Box of 5

CAD $28.56

Hornady brings its Super Shock Tip technology to shotgun ammunition with this slug. Accurate at extended ranges, this ammunition is perfect for those who choose to hunt with a shotgun. Designed specifically for rifled barrels.

CAD $28.56

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Product Information

Cartridge 20 Gauge
Quantity 5 Round
NonToxic No
Shell Length 2-3/4″
Shot or Slug Type Polymer Tip Sabot Slug
Buffered No
Muzzle Velocity 1798 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 1800 Foot Pounds
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
Barrel Type Rifled or Smooth Bore
Crimp Roll
Slug Weight 250 Grains