RCBS MatchMaster Digital Powder Scale and Dispenser

CAD $1,213.65

Product Overview

The RCBS MatchMaster Powder Dispenser takes powder dispensing and weighing to the next level. Utilizing Patent Pending dual tube dispense technology most charges can be thrown in under 20 seconds to 0.10 grain accuracy. Pharmaceutical grade scale components enables .04 grain accuracy for the ultimate in precision. Not for use with Blackpowder.


  • .04 Grain Accuracy in Match Mode
  • Dispenses in under 20 seconds in Standard Mode
  • User adjustable powder dispensing settings allows for fine tuning to reduce dispense times in match mode.
  • A tuned MatchMaster can dispense 38.5gr of H4350 in under 7 seconds in Match Mode
  • Improved quick-drain feature utilizes a flexible tube to drain powder from the bottom of the 1lb hopper, enabling fast changes from one powder to another.
  • Match mode throws a maximum charge of 300 grains; Standard mode can achieve a max charge of 1000 grains


Bluetooth app increases functionality:

  • Control up to 8 units simultaneously
  • Pre-configured powder profiles for easy setup
  • Save details about specific loads including photos of group sizes, velocites, etc


One MatchMaster in Match Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as TWO ChargeMasters.


One MatchMaster in Standard Mode can dispense charges at the same speed as THREE ChargeMasters.

CAD $1,213.65

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Product Information

Material Polymer
Capacity 7000 Grains
Power Source 110 Volt
Accuracy 0.04 Grains
Maximum Powder Charge 1000 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge 3 Grains