Redding Match Grade 3BR Powder Measure with Universal Metering Chamber

CAD $276.74

Product Overview

The Redding Match-Grade 3BR Powder Measure is designed to be “out of the box” match ready. Noted for its ability to throw a broad range of charges, large capacity and proven performance record, this measure features an adjustable powder baffle for added charge uniformity, a positive lock and a zero-backlash micrometer. Bench-front mounting bracket included. Stand sold separately.

Features: Throw handle included
Accessories: Includes a bench-front mounting bracket with no threads


  • Drop tube accepts from 22-50 caliber cases
  • Powder hopper has a baffle to keep all charges uniform
  • Positive lock on rotor to keep setting in place

CAD $276.74

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Product Information

Material Cast Iron
Capacity 1 Pound
Maximum Powder Charge 100 Grains
Minimum Powder Charge 5 Grains
Metering Chamber Rifle and Pistol
Powder Type Smokeless Powder
Press Mountable No

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 3.060 Pounds