Federal Power-Shok Ammunition 20 Gauge 2-3/4″ 7/8 oz Sabot Slug Box of 5

CAD $13.60

Recommended for use with large and heavy game, Power-Shok slugs provide better shot alignment and harder-hitting performance in the field. Loaded with Federal’s uniquely shaped tapered sabot slug, this ammunition offers maximum penetration and excellent accuracy. Combined with Federal’s reputation for quality and awesome stopping power, this round will give you the results you’ve been looking for.

Can also be used in rifled choke tube barrels or fully rifled barrels. An excellent choice on medium game like white tail or mule deer.

CAD $13.60

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Product Information

Cartridge 20 Gauge
Quantity 5 Round
NonToxic No
Shell Length 2-3/4″
Shot or Slug Type Sabot Lead Slug
Buffered No
Muzzle Velocity 1450 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy 1787 Foot Pounds
Primer Boxer
Corrosive No
Reloadable Yes
Barrel Type Rifled or Smooth Bore
Crimp Roll
Slug Weight 7/8 Ounce