RCBS ChargeMaster Supreme Digital Powder Scale and Dispenser

CAD $580.49

Product Overview

The RCBS Chargemaster Supreme takes decades of powder dispenser design and manufacturing experience to deliver the best ChargeMaster RCBS has ever produced. Not only does the CM Supreme have Bluetooth capability and 0.1 grain accuracy, it also features the RCBS proprietary powder learn process that optimizes the Supreme to the powder you are using making it the most efficient powder dispenser on the market.



  • Bluetooth Compatible w/free app
  • Proprietary Powder Learn Process
  • Powder Hopper Drain Alarm patent pending
  • 50 Memory Slots for storing favorite charges or powder learns
  • Ability to run off External Battery Pack
  • 16 Segment LCD Touch Screen Display
  • CE Approved 4 Country Universal Power Supply
  • Quick Warm-Up Period
  • Sealed Platen to keep powder out
  • User serviceable infinite life shaft seals
  • Optimal dispense tube angle for speed and accuracy
  • Ability to disable audible beeps
  • Overcharge Warning – Flashing screen

CAD $580.49

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Product Information

Capacity 1500 Grains
Power Source 110 Volt
Accuracy 0.1 Grains

Delivery Information

Shipping Weight 6.399 Pounds